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RE: Upgrading Dell XPS 8300 - Need Case Change?

New mobo means:

--NEW Windows OS software(Not cheap, price rarely waivers).

Don't pirate. I did that and got lots of viruses later on. Because windows cant give updates for a non certified os.

--New processor

XPS 8300 Motherboard is 2nd gen. If you buy a 3rd gen mobo you may have issues using an 2nd gen processor from the old xps 8300.

Processors are expensive, intel I7 2600 is still damn good. (Salvage wise you save 200-300 dollars)


What motherboard you get, depends on what processor you use.

Example: Intel Processor, means an intel mobo; AMD processor, AMD mobo

*I strongly recommend intel because you get alot for your money.

In general chosing a mobo is easy(my perspective)

Factors are:

Do you want to sli or crossfire?

Get a mobo with dual pcie 3.0 or 2.0 slots.

Use Usbs for school alot?

Get usb 3.0 (for those times you procastinate and have to transfer files quickly).



They have the cheapest pricest for hardware components. This winter season.

Example: 35$ for 650w Corsair psu, 16gb ram for $100, and ssds for as low as 79.99 (good ones too...)

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