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Dell XPS 410 Actual Memory Capacity

Hello there,

I have an aging XPS 410 in dire need of an overhaul.  It's a great machine that I've maintained pretty well for the past 9 years.  Currently, it has 3 gb of RAM installed (1gb x2, and 512mb x2), but I wanted to start with upgrading the RAM.

The motherboard was replaced 2 years ago, and I was told by the person who serviced it that it would be worth it to just upgrade components if I have the skill.  When it was sold back in 2005/2006 it said it had a max RAM capacity of 4GB, but I've seen numerous posts (that are a few years old, btw) that it could hold 8GB (4x2gb RAM modules.  I was wondering if it can be upgraded to 12GB (4x2 + 2x2) or even 16 GB for that matter (4x4 GB).  I guess it comes down to, can you install a 4GB RAM module? or is 2GB as high as it goes?

Planning on doing a small RAM upgrade, adding SSD drive(s), another small RAM upgrade, replacing the processors, and maybe eventually adding a SATA interface card if it would be beneficial.  By the end, the only thing original to this unit would be the Card Reader, network card, and the case!  Thank you for any advice you can give me.




Windows 7 x64


Intel Core2 Quad QX6800

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