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RE: Dual Monitors for OptiPlex 9020 or XPS 8700 (NVidia GTX 745 4Gb)

Hi Chris,

Many thanks for the answer! Actually the PSU of both options is a limitation. None of them seems to support an upgrade to the GTX 760 (or anything with DDR5), witch in my opinion, would be a much better choice for a GPU than the GTX 745. In any case I'm not a gamer, I want this computer for work, and to perform well for the next years even when I sporadically run rendering software. Upgrading is not something I have in mind right now.

You pointed a huge problem in the HDMI limitation. I don't know if you have access to a U2415 and can confirm that, but I haven seen anywhere that limitation of 1920x1080. Note two things:

- HDMI have been outputting at more than 1080p for years! why would Dell step back?

- The U2415 has a 16:10 aspect ratio, therefore a 1920x1080 can't be a native resolution for it.

Even in amazon a specific question is answered differently by an owner of a U2415:;asin=B00NZTKOQI

Could you please confirm that you know the limitations in resolution of the HDMI in the U2415 from your personal experience? That information is very important to me, since the acquisition of those monitors depends on it.

(Ps. Maybe vary form country to country (I'm thinking to buy this equipment in Singapore) but the XPS 8700 doesn't have the option of a GTX 660, only the GTX 720 and the GTX 745 )

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