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XPS 8700 nVidia GTX video card upgrades,

Now that the XPS A10 8700 BIOS update is out, Chris-M would like to close the long Black screen of death thread.

Let's use this to post successes and links out to other forums with tips, tricks and how-to-resolve issues with high-end nVidia GTX cards. 

This will help others choose wisely or perhaps find a solution to an already solved problem.

In the body of your post, if you have upgraded to a high-end nVidia GTX graphics card, please list the following.

* specific video card
* exact driver version
* Brand monitor and resolution and cable type: HDMI, DVI, Display Port or (yikes) VGA
* specific power supply you are using if you upgraded or indicate Stock Dell 460W.

Ask questions, link to benchmarks, describe what has gone well and reflect on what you might have done differently.

I encourage AMD owners to start a similar discussion, but let us keep this thread to high end nVidia GTX cards only. 

High end should imply above and beyond what Dell has shipped, or more than a GTX 660 or GTX 750ti.

GTX 760, 770, 780, 780ti, 970 and 980 graphics cards are what I would consider high-end.