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Dell GX620 Power Supply Question

What is up guys, I am new here, and earlier this month my school got me a part time job as the public library IT assistant, since I was taking IT classes out at my high school. I am 18, and I know quite a bit about computers. My question here is, one of our computers at the library, a GX620, the power supply on the machine went bad, and all we have in the back of the library are spare Power Supplies for GX520's, I asked my IT teacher at school if it would be safe to go ahead and attempt to install the GX520 power supply in the GX620, but I still am not sure if this is a safe idea, would it cause a fire? Would it burn something inside the PC? My IT teacher told me to check the amps, and volts on the 620 Power Supply, and I did check, the GX620 Power Supply has a maximum of 275 WATTS, while the GX520 power supply has a maximum of 220 WATTS, is okay to switch the bad GX620 power supply, with the spare GX520?


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