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Dell XPS8700 A10 Bios Bootup Problem with Asus GTX970 - Bootup Twice Required

I've decided to upgrade my graphic card to Asus GTX970 together with a bigger Corsair 760 watt power supply.

I have problem booting up because my Bios was A08, after upgrading to A10, I was able to boot up.

The problem is, sometimes I can't boot up, it simply shows a blank black screen, but the CPU is running. I have to press the power button to power down and then press it again to boot up, only then will the CPU boot up together with the screen.

Anyone with this issue? I tested with the original GPU and don have this issue, only with A10 Bios and Asus GTX970. Need to boot up twice. i tried toying with the bios setting, switching on an off legacy and secure boot and disabling many feature, but to no avail.

i think Dell needs to solve this problem, it is like the previous problem, this time only slight better but not resolved. yes, all of my drivers and formwares are up to date.

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