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وايت وستنجهاوسREوايت وستنجهاوس: وايت وستنجهاوسDellوايت وستنجهاوس وايت وستنجهاوسXPS8700وايت وستنجهاوس وايت وستنجهاوسA10وايت وستنجهاوس وايت وستنجهاوسBiosوايت وستنجهاوس وايت وستنجهاوسBootupوايت وستنجهاوس وايت وستنجهاوسProblemوايت وستنجهاوس وايت وستنجهاوسwithو

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It might not be Dell specific issue.

I've read similar issues on nVidia forums happening on several systems and different graphics cards as well.I remember some discussion about a video BIOS update for some of the cards fixing several issues.

GPU-Z available on techpowerup, will list all the internal details, http://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/

they also have a database of all the video BIOS updates for many of the cards.

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