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Inspiron One2310 how to replace a possibly deffective sata cable on hard drive


One month ago i had hard drives problems
 especially on an ubuntu/linux partition. Forums said i could have sata cable problem or hard drive problems. Hard drive testing showed an excessive temperature wile testing (approx 70oC). So i've changed the hard drive. Faster, bigger, but ... here again system continues t freeze

Now i would like to change the sata cable but:

- what reference should i buy and where ?

- on my hard drive, there are 2 cables with flat connectors. But where should they be connected to motherboard ?

- any advice to remove the old cable and replace with the new one ?

I've read plenty other topic showing it should be possible to replace the cable but i don't thins this should be a good idea to mis connect a cable.

Thank you in advance.

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