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RE: Inspiron One2310 how to replace a possibly deffective sata cable on hard drive

If you already replaced the hard drive you should know where the cables are and where they go. One is the SATA power cable that goes directly to the power supply and the other is the SATA data cable that goes to the motherboard.

So disconnect the data cable from the HDD and from the motherboard and buy the same length cable at any PC shop or web site. SATA data cables are standard and nothing unique. Just remember where the motherboard connector is.

Freezes can be caused by lots of different things and I'd investigate those before replacing the data cable.

Have you run the diagnostics on the RAM, which is a frequent cause of freezes? Have you reseated the RAM modules in their slots? Do you have the latest drivers, eg video driver, for your hardware?

Are there any updates to your apps and software?

Do the freezes happen when you're running a specific app? Since this seems to happen on the Linux partition is something not fully compatible with Linux..?


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