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RE: Inspiron One2310 how to replace a possibly deffective sata cable on hard drive

I've already ran the dell diagnostics

- using the on the windows/7 dell original partition did not detect anything

- at boot time selecting diagnostics detected a problem with hard drive

I've recently encountered an unprevioulsy seen BSOD en Windows/7 partition

linux logs clearly shows sata problems

Drivers are up to date : bios dell up to date.

One more new behavior is after the machine has freezed, i sometimes have to disconnect and reconnect the sata cable connected to the hard drive to be able to restart.

Not doing this prevents the system even to detect the hard drive : it says there is no hard drive when choosing F12 choose boot media at startup !

This problems seems to be linked with up time ou heat because the freeze appears after a 1 o 2 hours period of machine up time.

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