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RE: Inspiron One2310 how to replace a possibly deffective sata cable on hard drive


I didn't find any relevant event in Windows Event Viewer

Notice i don't use Windows/7 very frequently.

I think 'ive found a workarround for thi problem

15 days ago, i've re-opened the computer, go to the mother board where there are two wires/ports for sata.

The blue one seem to be connected to DVD, the red one seems to be connected to hard drive.

I've just inverted the position of the wires : connected the blue wire (dvd) where the nard drive was connected (red). Also connected the red wire (hd) where the dvd was connected (blue).

Since there is one only sata board on the pc inverting should have no effect on devices or concerning mother board.

Since then i've never encoutered any more error.

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