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DELL Optiplex 780 MT question

Hi all,

I just bought a Dell Optiplex 780 MT (Mini Tower) desktop computer, and i'm thinking about to make from it a home Linux server (i have now two server based on Atom processors, and want to migrate them to one). As i see this 780 has 4 sata ports. Can it be used all for SATA Harddisks? I want to attach the following disk sizes (none of them will be configured as RAID):

Disk 1: 1TB (this will be the Linux system disk)
Disk 2: 2TB
Disk 3: 2TB
Disk 4: 3TB

I don't want to use any optical device.

The question is, that this computer will be able to handle 4 disks and the given sizes?

Thanks in advance

Best regards,

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