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RE: Memory upgrade for XPS 8700 mid-2013

I haven't seen anyone put in two 16GB sticks,  so you may be the first. 

With 2x8GB sitcks, some have complained "faster" RAM won't sync up at DDR3 1600, and it reverts to  DDR3 1333 in the XPS 8700. Others have reported no issues and it works fine.

Dell BIOS does not expose memory speed or timings so if this happens you may be out of luck, or you may be able to use Intel XTU to adjust the timings.  Intel XTU does not seem to work on all memory types.  XTU works on one of my systems with the OEM memory.

Here are some notes where I tightened timings to CL7  ( 7-9-8-18 1T )


CL9 vs CL11 benchmarks will be faster, and memory intensive programs will be slightly faster, and gaming might be slightly smoother but I barely notice the difference of the CL7 vs another identical system CL11. (both at 1600Mhz)

And If  system is Win7 Home 64 it is limited to 16GB. Win 81 doesn't have this limit nor does Win10.

Good luck, and post the results.

TL;DR - just make sure you can return it if it doesn't work.

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