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RE: Memory upgrade for XPS 8700 mid-2013

Same advice make sure it can be returned...

Thoughts on the specific model:

1) must be 1.5V memory. the 8700 Mobo cannot overvolt memory so if the memory lists 1.6 or 1.65V it is expecting XMP settings which the 8700 board cannot provide. 

2) Get DDR3 1600 

Again, assuming it could be returned, I would try a 9-9-9-24 kit and if it works you are set. 

Verify with CPU-Z that it is indeed running at 1600Mhz * (DRAM frequency 799.99 MHz)

I would buy a four stick Kit, even though it isn't required. two 2channel kits will also work. Here's the search I used on NewEgg. The reason is the four sticks will be binned together, and tested together so they should all have the exact timings and sub-timings.


I think I'd try this kit: I have had great success with G.Skill memory.


If the CL 9 memory doesn't work then you would be looking at two kits of 16GB (2x8GB) CL11

Here's a search query for that. 


Good luck and post what memory worked.