RE: Attn: XPS 8700 Owners - Upgrade!!

Yes, I agree. Down the road I do plan on a better PSU.

Some things I see so far:

-Prime95 crushes the CPU a bit more than XTU - hitting mid 70s with temp.

I suspect the 92mm fan just doesnt have the volume to do better (its also rather hot in the room).
Would love to adjust RPM/Temp for CPU.

-Next it appears there are provisions to add another 92mm in the front of the case.
There are 2 screw holes along with 2 standoffs. I havent put a fan up to it next but im sure thats what it is. There are no additional fan headers on the mobo so you would need to power from SATA.
I will tear it back down tomorrow and give it a shot.

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