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RE: Attn: XPS 8700 Owners - Upgrade!!

Can you post a screenshot of CPU-Z when under load showing the CPU voltage? I'm mostly curious how much the OEM board can deliver.

and, there is a feature of CPU-Z where you can "validate" your CPU and post it up to a web page and it will show all the details and will give you a link like this:

The link above is my non-dell 4790K.

cpu-z can be found here:

And, on the front case fan, I replaced the rear fan in one of my systems with a very quiet Noctua fan:

and then used the stock fan in the front of another 8700 system. I used a Y-connector and a fan extension so it runs off the same fan header as the exhaust fan.

This system has a GTX 770 that is overclocked and it runs rather warm. Hoping the second fan will help.

If this doesn't help,  a larger effort is to cut away the front of the case and add a 140mm fan but I'm not really looking forward to doing that.

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