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RE: Attn: XPS 8700 Owners - Upgrade!!

I think the sweet spot for the 8700 is when running a GTX 970 or less, and IF-AND-ONLY-IF you can snag an xps 8700 i7/8GB for close to $600 with a core i7.

My comparison. pls read pros and cons below before throwing rocks at me Smiley Happy

The build system is one I just built and the prices I paid over the last 45 days since I started collecting things. 

The Upgrade assumes the same prices and $699 sale price for an 8700 that I haven't seen in the past few months.

As built, the price spread is about $65

Build system: Pros:
Faster CPU, Overclock-Able CPU. 16GB of very fast RAM (CL7) MASSIVE CPU cooler,, M2 SSD slot, PCI express support,  very quiet case that can hold lots of fans with simple 5/7/12V controller.

Build system: Con's
No Wifi, No Bluetooth, No Keyboard, No Mouse, Case is 2-3 inches taller, 2 inches wider and a few inches deeper. Time to buy all the pieces, time to build.

8700 upgrade: Pros:
Easy. Can be upgraded in about an hour. Stuff pretty much just works. easily.

8700 upgrade: Cons:
I'm not going to rail on the 8700. It is a good pre-built with limitations of a small case, locked processor and limited fans. If you have one to upgrade it is a good platform. If you are going to build one from the ground up, and want more, then the cost is not much more if you price shop.

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