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RE: Dell Inspiron 3847 PSU upgrade

thank you, because i have been getting the runaround trying to determine if off-the-shelf power supplies would work, as friends of mine had told me that Dell computers would only work with Dell-branded PSUs, and i would rather not be limited by the PSU as to what Graphics Card i can get. i had tried using the PSU from my old computer (one that fit in a Compaq Presario SR5710y), but this one (as i am posting this in this forum, should be noted that it is indeed a Dell Inspiron 3847) , refused to work with it, powering on for a second, then shutting down, thus my quest started to find the answer, i had noticed that your reference pictures had a aftermarket PSU in them, so this is why i asked you in particular. looking at the specs of the PSU i have sitting on my lap as i type this, it has a combined wattage on the 3.3v/5v rail of 130 watts, with on the +5vSB rail it does have a combined wattage of 16.1 watts. the unit being a BFGR450WGS PSU if you so desire to look at the full specs, needless to say this PSU was made back in 2009,so i am guessing it is insufficient to meet the needs of this new computer. 

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