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RE: Dell Inspiron 3847 PSU upgrade

I have a Dell 3847 upgraded with a power Supply with the following Ratings.  Dell power supplies have 150 to 225W on the 5v/3.3v rails

and 4 AMPS aka 20W on the 5vsb Rails.  The 12v rails need to go above 18 Amps each so with higher and higher ratings they go over 450W on the 12v rails.   In other words 150W + 450 + 20 = 620W.

There is no such thing as 16.1 watts on the +5V standby.

It will be 1 amp or 2 amp or 3 amp or 4 amp

5W 10W 15W 20W


There are no issues with more power than you need but there are issues with Less power than  you need on specific rails.

I have used an Antec High Current Gamer 620W unit but for some power hungry cards that use 225 to 300 W or more this is not big enough.

5.9" x 3.39" x 5.51"

EPS 12V 2.92

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