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RE: Precision T7400 Workstation: Memory Riser Boards

One of the riser cables is CR388 not sure if there are 2 or only 1 riser power cable.  Some say the 690 risers are NOT correct for the 7400.What I can say for sure is that there are 4 boards and 2 risers each facing the opposite way hense the 3 & 4 designation on some risers.


DELL F817F Precision 690 Workstation Memory Riser Card F817F F816F
Dell JF806 Precision 690 Memory Dimm Riser Expansion Board Card JF806 H9376 G9460
Dell Precision 690 Memory Riser Boards JF807 M9008
Dell TY853 Precision 690 Memory Riser Module TY853 NN378 NN383
Dell Precision 690 and T7400 Memory Riser 3 & 4 Board TY857

YMMV This is an educated guess.

ChrisM might verify this.

What you want is:


DELL Assembly,Shroud,Riser,Dozer T7400 YR128

T7400 Memory Riser Board F817F
T7400 Memory Riser Board G327F

Dell Precision WorkStation T7400 (FB DDR2-667MHz) Memory


The SLI BRIDGE IS Dell Part Number: MJ247 0MJ247 CN-0MJ247
Compatible Part Number:
Compatible Models:
Dell Dimension XPS 600 Precision T7400 690 XPS 700 710 720  

JF806 and JF807 are bolted back to back and it appears to me that the riser power cable is only on one side just like on the T7400 risers.

Look at pic below.


The riser power cables are attached to the large P24 connector from the power supply, using a CN-0CR388 cable which splits it into another two memory riser connector cables. Also, the 7400 riser version has a different memory fan assembly.   Its not a simple just plug in risers and use it install.

Maximum Memory 128GB (with 4 Memory Risers)/64GB (standard)
Memory Slots 16 Sockets (4 Sockets (2 banks of 2) per Riser)/8 Sockets (4 banks of 2) (standard)
non-removable base memory 0MB

Machine name: Dell Precision WorkStation T7400
CPU options: Intel Xeon
Chipset: Intel 5400 Chipset
Memory Speed options: PC2-5300 DDR2-667 240pin Fully Buffered SDRAM DIMM

Special notes: FB-DIMM Memory Risers are installed in the first four standard memory sockets only. Additional standard memory sockets then become unusable.


The four memory riser cards are connected together in sets of two. Do not attempt to disconnect the memory riser cards from each other.  Each memory riser card is numbered in the upper left hand corner. These numbers indicate which DIMM slot on the system board each riser card must be inserted into. Only the DIMM_1-4 slots (the slots with the white securing clips) on the system board can be used with the riser cards. The other slots (DIMM_5-8) must be left vacant.

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