Restoring System Image to Precision T5500 / PERC H310


I installed a PERC H310 in a Precision T5500. [  PERC H310 > Drive 0 = Samsung 840 250 GB /Drive 1 = WD Black 1TB ].  On the Samsung 840 I installed Windows 7 Professional 64-bit from the Dell reinstallation disk and this was automatically activated.

On Passmark Performance Test, adding the H310 changed the disk score from 1940 to 2649- a very good improvement.

However, I'm unsuccessful in trying to restore a system image. This image (153GB) was made using EaseUs ToDo Backup Workstation 7.5 on an HP z420. Yesterday, using the z420 image, I transferred the OS and software successfully (in about 5 hours) to a Precision T3500 having a PERC 6/i [Seagate Cheetah SAS/ WD Black SATA] . [Adding the PERC 6/i changed the Passmark disk score from 920 to 1221].  

 I made a new system image from the T3500 and stored it on an external USB drive. Using the EaseUS WinPE restore disk to boot, into the recovery / system transfer application, I loaded the PERC H310 driver,  but the application can only see the external USB drive and the flash drive. Windows Shell command prompt diskpart > list disk, also shows only the external USB drives. I attempted to restore using the original z420 image version, with the same results.I don't understand that the image restore worked on the T3500 PERC 6/i but not the T5500 H310,...

It would save me two days loading software and configuration if I could use the system image- any ideas?



Current Dells: Precision> 390, T3500, T5400, T5500, Dimension E520, 8400, Optiplex 740, XPS T700R (1998, PIII)



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