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RE: Dell XPS 700 chipset very hot to touch - is this normal?

Thanks for the reply.

No, the F12 menu is new to me, never owned a dell before. Just read up on it and will do it tomorrow.

Nothing runs in the background, I have checked for that, it will freeze at idle with with almost empty ram or under load.

Will check the event viewer and come back.

Have not tried safe mode, it is pretty much useless. I use the machine for fun, the freezes are occassional, but I can leave it to sit in safe mode and see.

I did reseat the cpu, all done properly, it is still running warmer than before (up to 80 C), as the new generic paste is curing. I have Arctic mx4 on the way, will clean again and redo it once more when it arrives. And MX4 needs no curing, they say.

Thanks for the hints! Will report back.

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