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35W Limit on PCIe x16 slot: Optiplex 790 SFF

I've read quite a bit about the so-called 35W limit for the Optiplex SFF's PCIe x16 slot.  But unless Dell used inferior quality motherboards with substandard copper traces, I have a feeling the limitation is more likely based on the small 240W PSU with its 17A (+12v) rail, rather than on any electrical limitations of the board itself.  The poor air flow in the small case is probably another major reason for the 35W limitation.

Or does someone have evidence this is not the case?  Recently I have come across several Optiplex SFF users that have been using 60W cards with no ill effects... other than risking overload of their PSU.  I'd be interested in hearing from other Optiplex 790 SFF owners and their experience.

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