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Re: Dell D600 BlueTooth is not working after Bios upgrade

I had been searching this forum on Bluetooth after some powersaving scheme had disabled  Bluetooth on my D800, turned out (for me) that about the tenth Fn/F2 hit turned it back on, wish I could find and disable that "Powersaving Scheme"?
I did run across many reports of hardware connection problems on D600's Bluetooth Modules to the mainboard:
Above is just one of them and other threads suggest bracing the connector with cardboard or foam.
Also standing out were problems relating to Bluetooth firmware corruption from recent downloads of upgrades from Dell:
Could not locate it today, but there was another thread of three pages on this same issue.  Seemed that the most common solution was to wait ten minutes before allowing the requested "We must ReBoot..." to give enough time for the Bluetooth Firmware still installing beneath that box.
I would think that the second link may describe what you are experiencing, but an 'Advanced Search' of this forum with keyword 'Bluetooth' found over 300 posts in past 30 days.

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