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Dell 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack -- No Longer Detected WinXP Sp2


I have an Inspiron 6400/E1505 notebook, with WinXP Pro Sp2 and on-board 350 Toshiba Bluetooth hardware module. This notebook has been in use for about 18 months without any major issues, other than the usual ones. As of February 2008, I had never tried to use the Bluetooth, because I did not have any Bluetooth devices. During the first part of February 2008, I decided to start synchronizing my HTC 6800 (Titan) Pocket PC Phone with Bluetooth instead of the USB cable. I clicked on the Bluetooth icon in the lower right side windows taskbar and was alerted that the Bluetooth had not yet been configured. Upon selecting "Configure", a whole bunch of COM ports were created, and the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack Manager was installed. At first I had difficulty getting the Pocket PC paired with the E1505. Finally, I succeeded and was now able to sync the Titan 6800 with Outlook on the E1505 and transfer files to and from the notebook.

Next challenge was to implement a wireless Bluetooth scanner to import barcodes to an Excel file for database management. The software installed on the E1505 would not connect to the Bluetooth scanner. The software developer technical support advised that their software was not compatible with the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack and should uninstall it and install the MS Windows Bluetooth Stack that is embedded in Win XP. Before uninstalling the Toshiba Stack, I decided to see if there was an update for the Toshiba Bluetooth. At the Dell web site I found a new driver update R117967 and proceeded to download. The update required uninstalling the previous driver before the new one could be installed. The new driver package update first installed the firmware with success. The next phase of the update was to install the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack driver.

Here is where everything went terribly wrong!!!

The driver started to install and then failed miserably. Several error messages appeared such as “Found New Hardware”, “Device Unknown” “Hardware Could Not Be Installed” and many more appeared faster than I could read them. Needless to say, the Bluetooth feature was now “hosed”. Next step was to uninstall and start over. Again the firmware installed successfully as before, but when it was time to install the driver the install started and then hung. Within a few minutes a window popped up instructing me to press Fn + F2 and turn on the Bluetooth. However, it was already turned on. After turning on and off several times with the same error reappearing, I aborted the update. The Toshiba Bluetooth Stack was again uninstalled and an attempt to install the MS Windows Bluetooth Stack also failed. Win XP no longer recognizes the 350 Bluetooth hardware. Nothing is listed in the Windows Device Manager, not even with a yellow exclamation. The Bluetooth module is identified as installed according to the BIOS and the MSINFO utility within Win XP, also lists the device as installed, but has no information about the device such PnP ID or MAC Address. It is though it just does not exist.

I called Dell Technical Support and they remotely accessed the E1505 and tried to install the Toshiba Bluetooth Stack. After several failed attempts, Dell shipped a new Toshiba RD530 Bluetooth module and I replaced the original module. Nothing changed!! Another call to Tech Support now resulted with the standard answer for complex issues, “The operating system is corrupt” and will require a reinstall of Win XP from the recovery CD. Yeah right, “When Pigs Fly”. At that point I was angry for all the wasted time with no help from Dell and abruptly booted him out of the E1505 machine and told him to go blow smoke up his behind. If I have to reinstall everything over, it will be on a brand new machine that Dell will have to send me at “NO CHARGE”, before I would agree. After all, this baby is still in warranty until June 2008. I have way too much software installed and do not plan to reformat this hard drive losing all recollection of preferences and settings. If the operating system is in fact corrupt I would not want to transfer anything, but rather do a clean install. That will take countless hours, days and even weeks, before I would ever get things back to where there were before. Furthermore, if I have a true hardware problem with the motherboard, it will not fix this problem.

This was a perfect flawless working E1505 machine, before I installed the Dell R117967 update package, for the 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack.
Please reply with your progress, since you also seem to have the same criteria as I, with a similar problem.



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