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Re: Dell 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack -- No Longer Detected WinXP Sp2

Important to give plenty of time for a Bluetooth Module Firmware Flash to completely finish the job, be sure to have reliable battery as well as AC power connected for the process.

The Firmware Flash for Dell Toshiba Stacks can leave a "USB CSR" in place of the USB Hub that would power your TM350 and should be deleted after Firmware is done.

Take a look in your Device Manager (show hidden devices) and delete that USB CSR, it was needed for the firmware flash, but your Bluetooth module will never be seen by any Bluetooth Stack as long as it exists.

You may find more info researching "Stuck in DFU mode" and you mentioned knowledge of need to first remove old Stack/Driver prior to install of new and the 'built-in' MS Stack can also cause havoc during install (all those "Found new Hardware..." you saw) and that is the reason for the Bluetooth module to be turned off until the installer requests it to be turned on.

If your MS Stack has your BT Module, your Toshiba will never find it, sometimes you can ignore "can't find" and complete install and then go into Device Manager and if you see Bluetooth, change driver, 'let me choose' and 'have disk' and point it to the Toshiba software.

There is a learning curve to Bluetooth, but have not had a problem now for years and new D830's Toshiba WinXP Stack worked right out of the box and is now networking with the old D800's Widcom Stack and they are both driving five or more applications. None of the ones you mentioned, but two different printers, Intellimouse, Holux GPS and WxWorx weather radio and now each other.

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