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Re: Dell 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack -- No Longer Detected WinXP Sp2

I use Bluetooth with a Holux GPS, an IOgear Printer 'dongle', an HP460 Portable Printer, a WxWorx Satelite Weather Receiver and the Bluetooth Mouse. Only the MS IntelliMouse Explorer is problematic, every few weeks to few months, it will need re-connection after every 'battery-saving' nap. It is supposed to 'go-to-sleep' after exactly eight minutes of in-activity and awaken within a second of any touch or movement.


This issue is seen on both D800 and D830 which have different Dell Bluetooth Modules as well as different Stack/Drivers (D800 came with Widcomm). On the D800, only solution found was to remove in Device Manager, HID Mouse as well as all other HID Drivers and reboot for fresh install of all eight or so drivers, this will restore normal operation for a few weeks to months.


On the new D830, it worked fine for five weeks and then started the same problem (still working fine on D800's December reinstall 🙂 ) and I tried install of Microsoft's latest IntelliMouse program (never used on D800), but that worked for a day.


Found that with the D830's Toshiba Stack/Driver that opening its Options... (from right-click systray icon) GUI and clicking 'RUN' on the Diagnostic Page re-awakens the IntelliMouse untill it has gone into another 'eight-minute' nap. When using it now, I just park that [run] box in a corner and put the cursor there when done with mouse.


You should do the Diagnostic [Run] test, it will first test for internal communication with TM360 and second test for connection to any external Bluetooth devices. I don't know any more than that about the 'test'.


I have absolutely no experience with any audio, headset or cellphone operation with Bluetooth at all.


I would suggest that you start a new Thread for this issue on the Dell Network/Internet/Wireless <click to open in new tab/wndow.


I do wish they had a dedicated Bluetooth Board, but they seem to be divided between this and that boards.


You mentioned that Insignia wanted to blame Dell/Toshiba and that is typical, have you looked into headset/Bluetooth Discussion Forums? This is Verizon's and I'm sure there are many others, (I have a Verizon Cellphone w/Bluetooth and when I saw it needed to use Verizon software, I never tried to use it.)



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