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Re: Dell 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack -- No Longer Detected WinXP Sp2

I have been monitoring this thread and offer this update.


Dell has extremely poor tech support and should choose another Bluetooth module manufacturer and management software program for their product. I am very angry with Dell, because their solution to what they are unable to fix is “re-install the operating system, because it must be corrupt”. That is easy for them to say, but have no compassion for the amount of hours, days or weeks it may take to get this computer back to where it once was. I would have expected Dell to thoroughly research the problem and spend the necessary time and resources to identify the deficiency and offer a patch to correct the problem. My extensive research trying to find a fix indicates the Dell Bluetooth system is problematic. I have loads of software on this machine and will only consider re-installation, when I change to another machine, with a newer operating system or have a complete crash, which fortunately has never yet occurred. I am not about to start over, when everything else works flawlessly. Besides, my felling is that if I took Dell’s advice and did a complete recovery and restore, as instructed, I would probably still have Bluetooth issues with the same internal Toshiba Bluetooth module and Stack software installed.


My experience with Dell technical support, soon revealed that I knew more about the situation then their senior level of support. I had much difficulty understanding each person that I spoke with. What happened to the good ole “US of A”? Why does American business have succumb to nothing but pure GREED, by taking their manufacturing and support services to other parts of the continent and bring it back to the USA to reap maximum profits and line the pockets of the stock shareholders. I purchased this Dell machine, because I thought I was buying AMERICAN made product, with AMERICAN staffed support. Since IBM has also gone this route, I will no longer consider a once prominent AMERICAM name brand, because it means absolutely NOTHING!! Based on my experience regarding this matter, my next machine will be for the most hardware, the best features and software for the absolute lowest price, because NOTHING else matters anymore. Names are not important!! Wake up Dell, you are on going down in flames.


SOLUTION: I gave up trying to resolve the internal Toshiba Bluetooth module and have permanently turned it off in the BIOS setup F2. I purchased a ZOOM model 4311 external USB Bluetooth dongle adapter, which has a range of 330 feet. Packaged with the adapter is IVT BlueSoleil 3.2.28 management software. BlueSoleil is currently offering a free upgraded to version 5.05.178. If you decide to download the newer version, then do not install the 3.2.28 version that was in the ZOOM package, because it will have to be uninstalled before you can install the upgrade.


All is now working well and I have no more Bluetooth issues. The BlueSoleil software is pretty cool stuff, as the 5.05.178 version automates the pairing process and has a “Windows Explorer” style interface as well as “Space Galaxy” style screen to display the current installed devices.




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