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Re: Dell 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack -- No Longer Detected WinXP Sp2



Thank you for that most interesting and informative update on your experience. 


Glad you were able to get Bluetooth to work for you 🙂 100 meter range, that is quite a step-up from 10 meters.


It should be mentioned that Class 1 Bluetooth acheives this by a forty-fold increase in X-mit. power and that could be an issue for some portable users


For anyone considering this, (Thanks for those Great Links) the similar spec 4312 PCMCIA Card Version might save motherboard damage that could result from such a large USB Dongle (there is no flexability for a strike).


For those who can live with a Class 2 Bluetooth, they are making some of the USB versions much smaller and there are also versions that will run in your Flash-Card slot (with no exposure to strike).


As I said above, I have never used any audio service from Bluetooth, but BlueSoleil has an excellent reputation with audio users.


BlueSoleil also, (unlike Toshiba or Broadcom/Widcomm who only want to deal with OEM's) is happy to provide service to the end user. for jhlay6 a BlueSoleil Stack/Driver will work with your Dell internal module as well.


A big caution would be that you MUST; Completely uninstall, including Device Manager and disable the Windows BT Stack before starting a new Stack/Driver install. BlueSoleil should be able to help you there.


Tony, I completely agree on the issue of 'format/reinstall 'tech support's easy fix for all problems they can't handle' and a corrupted Bluetooth will go way over their heads, it is an 'entry-level' job they do.


An excellent Dell Telephone Tech spent three hours on the phone with me for a necessary (I had corrupted my registry) re-install of Win95. Recently, I have had excellent Dell Support (hardware) using the Automated Troubleshooting site that ends with the "Contact.." and have had a replacement in my hands by Noon on the next day.


It has now been ten years since I have installed an OS on a Dell, but had to do it four times in one miserable year with a Sony VAIO. Their Telephone Tech Support for the US is in Florida, about eight miles from my home.


Dell has used both Toshiba and Widcom Bluetooth Software for different models, not interchanble though, TM300 & TM355 use Widcomm and TM350 and TM360's use Toshiba, any of them can use the Windows Bluetooth installed Stack/Driver and BlueSoliel is the Only other option at this time.



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