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Re: Dell 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack -- No Longer Detected WinXP Sp2

Hello Art,


I too am concerned about a strike and have obtained a USB flexible elbow adapter, which allows me to place the ZOOM dongle in the vertical upright position. Unfortunately, the Dell E1505 has an express card slot and will not accept the ZOOM PCMCIA card. I would have much preferred to go the PC card route, to minimize any potential for damage.


It is still a mystery and puzzling to me, why the WinXP operating system would no longer recognize the Toshiba internal module, after all Bluetooth software was uninstalled. I had even edited the registry removing any keys referenced to Toshiba or Bluetooth, including the "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Enum\Bluetooth", which is where all the COM ports were created by the Toshiba Stack Manager that originally appeared in the Windows Hardware Device Manager. The Toshiba Stack Manager software was not installed until about one year after this machine was placed in service. I did not have any Bluetooth devices during that time. When I would click on the Bluetooth icon at the Windows Taskbar, it would return a message that Bluetooth was not yet configured and asked if I wanted to install the device. When I got my first Bluetooth device in February of 2008. I then clicked on the Bluetooth icon and this time answered "yes". The Toshiba Stack Software was then installed successfully, from the software already on the hard drive from the Dell factory image load. It was not until I removed that software, for reasons stated in previous thread, when the internal Toshiba module nor the Windows Stack Manager install, because Windows XP no longer detected the Toshiba module. My concern about doing a Recovery and Restore from the CD was whether or not the pre-loaded Toshiba Stack software would reappear as it did with the original factory image load. I have found in the past that the Recovery CD's only reinstall the Windows Operating System and is not the same as the original factory image load. I would then have to update all the drivers from another CD or the Dell support web site manually. I was not optimistic that the internal Toshiba module or Stack Software would have worked properly and still have no Bluetooth. Then what would be Dell's excuse, after I blew away all my previous hard work only to start over reinstalling a ton of software as previously installed. I guess I will never know, unless I have a catastrophic failure and have to reinstall the operating system. I have read many threads by others that had similar if not the exact same experience as I. As mentioned earlier, my biggest disappointment with Dell is that they have not spent the time and resources to find out why this is happening and come out with a patch to correct the registry or missing files that would correct this problem.


On another note, just curious if you are a corporate pilot, retired pilot, etc., as my brother is a retired commercial pilot with 40 years of spreading his wings.




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