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Re: Dell 350 Toshiba Bluetooth Stack -- No Longer Detected WinXP Sp2



I am a Corporate Pilot, same corporation for past 33 years. I have long held an Airline Transport Certificate (License), but had I gone for the Airlines, regulations (that they are now trying to change) would have forced my retirement years ago, I love my 'job' and have no desire to retire.


My Bluetooth education (Google Searches) came after my BIOS Flash of D800 over to M60 (story link in my sig below) called for reinstall of "new found hardware" by WindowsXP (sp2) and it installed the Windows Stack. No doubt that there is far more to it than I have had to learn just to keep the devices I need working, as I posted above, my only issue is related to that MS IntelliMouse and workarounds exist, can't blame Bluetooth, as it is across both D800 & D830 with different Bluetooth Modules and brand of Stacks, always wanted a LaserMouse, but will need to be sure it remains Bluetooth frendly.


I found that as long as one device (like the MS Stack) has your Bluetooth, another install (like for the Dell Widcomm Stack) will act like you have no BT Hardware. The symptoms you described looked like your firmware flash's USB Utility was still installed and that will prevent Windows (or Toshiba Stack) from seeing that you have the module.


Your TM350 is from Cambridge Silicon Radio, so you need to look for 'CSR' devices in your USB devices and possibly the registry and I greatly fear registry edits.

There are stories (on the Network Board) about even more serious Bluetooth issues related to Vista and utilities provided to "awaken" your module (if had been off on an install).



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