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I8kfanGUI unistall

I installed I8kfanGUI because my gpu was running kinda hot. I then put fan settings all the way up so that they were on the highest settings. I played Cod4 and my gpu was sluggish and processing graphics much much slower that usuall. I have Nvidia Gefore Go 7900 GS. So, I thought maybe the I8kfanGUI is messing around with the GPU. So I uninstalled it via Add/Remove programs in control panel. I also went to program data and files and deleted its folder. My GPU works fine now. Is all the fan control givenen back to the BIOS now since the program is gone? I want to make sure so that nothing will overheat from fans not turning on.


Also, was this program safe to use? The discalmers said it changes the laptops thermal processing.  

Message Edited by Mark1993 on 03-15-2008 10:12 AM
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