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Re: A11 on Inspiron 1525 incompatible w/ Vista SP1?

Many users on these forums and others across the web have reported the same issue.  Searching for this issue, I stumbled across several similar threads on this forum alone, most of which simply led nowhere.  Many have called technical support on this issue.  Many have been told by Dell tech support to reformat drives, update different things, or disable the Microsoft Hi-Def Audio Codec, etc.  In many cases, the finger is pointed at Microsoft when the actual solution is not known.  Clearly, this problem has not yet been given the attention it deserves.


What really bothers me is that this is a very obvious problem.  We're not talking about some subtle detail with odd components.  This is a generic wireless card and sleep mode.  Users couldn't operate their 1525 for more than a few hours before noticing it, and yet Dell still managed to allow this configuration into production.