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Re: A11 on Inspiron 1525 incompatible w/ Vista SP1?

Just a few points in case Dell is having a hard time putting themselves in the customer's shoes:


- This issue was reported months ago and it still isn't fixed.

- The thread is now 10 pages long.  It's not just one or two people.  There are also threads on MS's community forums.  Google for inspiron reboots sleep and eat your heart out.

- One of Dell's *customers* found the workaround and posted it.  If a customer hadn't found the workaround, I would still have no way to shut off my laptop other than holding the power button and killing Windows each time I shutdown (which is obviously a Bad Thing).

- I'm having the problem on my new Dell 1525.  I unpacked it, installed all of the Windows Updates and now I have the problem.  I haven't even installed anything on my machine yet.  Does Dell even do a cursory test of their configurations?

- Now Dell is asking for customer laptops?  Really?  You don't have any Inspirons laying around?  The problem isn't hard to reproduce.  Grab a brand new laptop, install Vista SP1, and close the lid.


I Would like to thank Bill for his prompt replies, though.  I just wish the rest of the company were as responsive.  Beauracracy doesn't facilitate even tolerable customer experiences.