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Re: A11 on Inspiron 1525 incompatible w/ Vista SP1?

I totally agree with cryptyk, I just got my computer from Best Buy last week, and I notice when I ask them computer to goto hibernate it will restart, and when i ask the computer to sleep, it would restart with error (stating that the computer wasn't shut down properly. Initially, i thought it's some configuration that I was playing causes these problem; i reimage the computer to factory install (Vista SP1, A11 Bios) hoping it would fix the problem, and it didn't. Then I install all new driver, windows update, Bios A13...etc None of them work. 


Finally, I google my problem and I found thousands of pages regarding this topic. I had 5 Think Pads and this is the first time I had a Dell, I am disappointed my new computer and how Dell  handle this problem.  If this is a known un-resolvable issue, the work around should be on their "Dell Support page" User should not have to pock around to solve DELL's issue.   


People who post on this forum is somewhat computer literate, I am sure most of the consumer would not know they need to update driver or install new patch once in a while, or in new factory machine. Imagine asking my mom and dad to play around with Device Manager?? Is a joke!  


The reason people buy Dell is not just pretty colorful case, is Dell's quality computer. This time, Dell is just creating a bad name for their product. People would say "Dell is not a reliable brand, my computer will not turn off", doesn’t matter if this is a third party driver  / chip, is inside a Dell Computer 


This is just my 2 cents 


PS: Bill this is not directed to you, is just how your company handle this situation is not helping the consumer and the company