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Re: A11 on Inspiron 1525 incompatible w/ Vista SP1?

I am also having this problem and it seems to have been helped by unchecking the "allow the computer to turn off this device to save power box" for the dell wireless mini-card. For the moment anyway. My experience of this problem is that you think you got it fixed and it comes back.

My computer is only 14 days old and this problem started soon after I began to use it. Dell have had me do all kinds of things including re-installing Vista. It has taken up hours of my time. But never did a technician acknowledge this is an issue (do they know?).

I am very concerned that Dell are shipping computers with a known problem and don't know whether to return it for a refund or wait for a fix. After a consultation with Which legal helpline I will decide.

Pity, because otherwise its a great computer.


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