Re: A11 on Inspiron 1525 incompatible w/ Vista SP1?



I have followed this thread with interest for some time, since I have a Dell Inspiron 1525 with A11 bios and (now) with Vista SP1. As you know, the sleep/hibernation problem has persisted with both existing and newly purchased laptops. In my case, the Dell WLAN card workaround is the best solution. When the power button is used to put the laptop in sleep mode, it works as it should. However, when sleep mode is reached with a timer setting it is hit or miss. The problem has remained the same before and after my operating system update to Vista SP1. 


The June 2008 issue of Consumer Reports gave the Dell Inspiron 1525 a nice review and rated it a "quick pick" since it is inexpensive with long battery life. I agree with CR's evaluation. Overall, I think it is an excellent value. However, the current sleep/hiberation has gone on too long for Dell not to acknowledge the problem on its website and at its retailers (Best Buy, etc.). I am composing a report for CR that will spell out the problem for its readers. It will either be published in the "Your Letters" section or as a "Correction" to the June 2008 article. As a courtesy, I will hold off on emailing the report to CR until I hear back from you. I think you have handled the situation on this forum in a most professional manner and I certainly have no gripe with you. But it is time for Dell to make a public statement on this problem and compensate the existing Inspirion 1525 owners in some fashion.


I wish you well in resolving this issue.