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Re: A11 on Inspiron 1525 incompatible w/ Vista SP1?

I am supporting you all the way, Gary. If anyone else has any leverage to get Dell to finally do something, please make it known. Anyone with knowledge of contracts, agreements, or the laws of customer service- Haswhat Dell been doing illegal in any way? Can legal action be taken against Dell for this blatant failure to providecustomers with a satisfactory laptop? I understand that efforts are being made to figure out this problem, butwhy do I feel like the customers are making bigger strides in figuring out the problem than the entire Dellsupport team is? Does Bill have a team working with him on this problem? The question we're all asking is, "How long are we supposed to wait around using inferior laptops before anything is fixed?"


And yes, the work-around does work for my machine.