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Re: Inspiron 2600 External Mouse problem

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Have you tried an external keyboard in addition to the external mice?  It is important to know that, unlike USB ports, PS/2 ports are not designed to accept connection to external devices while powered up.  Whenever connecting a PS/2, parallel, serial or external video device, the system should not be powered up.  Connecting these types of devices while the system is powered up can damage the port. 


If the PS/2 port is not functional, you can use a USB mouse or a PS/2 to USB adapter and connect to a USB port.



Hi Steve,
Thanks for your response.
I have indeed tried an external keyboard in the PS/2 socket, and that works fine. I know about the powered-up issue, and only connected the mouse when the machine was off.
As it is a second-user machine, I have no knowledge as to whether someone in the past has not been so careful.
Is it possible for the mouse bit to have failed whilst the keyboard still works? Is there anyway to test the hardware?
Thanks again,
Stephen Carter 
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