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Re: Studio 17 weak sound

Ok I think I've found solutions for both of these issues. I have a Studio 1535 and my wife has a Studio 1735. Both systems have been suffering from quiet and crackling sound.


To solve the lack of volume I installed the latest IDT Driver software from Dell's Site. After doing so you should have a new utility called "IDT Audio Control Panel" within "Control Panel > Additional Options". Open this utility. In the left column you will have 3 categories. Under the "Speakers/Headphones" category select "Equalization". This will show a 10 band equalizer. Drag all the sliders all the way to the top. This will greatly increase the volume of the speakers since the equalizer has a rediculous 15db gain. This was just really poorly designed.


Ok now to fix the audio crackling/glitching you have to change the drivers for the 1510 wireless card. I found the following instructions in another thread, and it's been working perfectly on both mine and my wife's computers. The instructions are just a little rough, but here they are.

"I was having the same issue and believe it may have been resolved. I've already had the motherboard replaced and the dell 1510 wireless n card replaced and no luck.

I just finished chatting with Samuel at Dell Support and have may have the answer....

He gave me a link to a different driver:


I have the dell 1510 wireless n card, so I'm not sure if this will work if you have a different card.

I was hesitant because Windows Vista thinks it's incompatible but it worked.

I downloaded the 1st driver on the link. It will only give you the driver, so you have to manually install.

Below are the steps -

1 - Downloaded the new driver from the above link. Ran the application.

2 - I uninstalled the existing driver

3 - After that's completed. Go to Control Panel, and Device Manager. Do a "Scan for hardware changes". (OR you can restart your computer).

4 - When asked to install driver, Choose "browse for driver software on your computer", **Do not do the "search for driver" Windows will not use the new driver because it thinks it's incompatible.  Choose the other option "Let me pick from a list of device drivers', Then "have disk". Go to the location where you saved the drivers.

5 - Choose the "Broadcom 4321AG 802.11a/b/g/draft-n Wi-Fi Adapter". It will give you a message stating that the driver is not compatible and is not recommended...etc.. etc.. Choose OK."


Well I hope this helps.


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