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Re: Inspiron 600m - blank screen

I also have a Dell Inspiron 600m running Windows XP. I am having similar laptop screen issues.  However, my screen goes blank after approximately 12 seconds and it doesn't matter if I am on battery power or AC power. When I do get the laptop screen to come on it has a red tint at first and sometimes is a reduced image size. This all happened on 1/11/09 when I was searching Web MD. The screen actually has an image but it is too dim to see-attempts at adjusting the brightness with the FN and Cursor Up key do not help.  I have run a deep virus scan, a root kit scan, welcha (sp?) worm scans and nothing has shown up. I have checked all the power management settings and there are no flags in the hardware device manager for either monitor or the ATI display adapter. The only changes I have made to the hardware or software recently is upgrade the memory from 256mb to 2gb on 1/8/09 with memory I purchased from Dell.  And, of course, my laptop is out of warranty so Dell would gig me for support! I can use and external monitor thankfully but I really need the laptop monitor and the external monitor.  In searching for tags (do they work) I noticed that there are many Dell laptop models with this issue.

Any ideas anyone?

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