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Re: Power Adapter Error message & Battery Not charging!

The battery is not getting a signal from the charger as to what charger is being used. This signal is sent via the small wire you see in the middle of the DC power plug. Either the wire in the charger cord is broken, or the connection from the laptop DC socket to the system board has broken. Both are common, with the socket problem more often. The first thing to do is either try your charger on another laptop, or try another charger on yours. If the charger is good, then the power socket needs to be replaced. Fortunately, on the E1525 (and the M1530), the power socket is not soldered to the system board, but is a small board that plugs into the system board. It will be repaired under warranty, but is inexpensive and not too difficult to replace yourself if out of warranty.

If the charger is bad, you can purchase official Dell chargers from third-party suppliers for much less than Dell charges. I would get the 90 watt charger, even if the laptop came with the 65 watter. Dell supplies some laptops with 58 watt batteries with the 90 watt unit.

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