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Re: Latitude E6400, Intel Wifi Link 5300 AGN Drops Connections

I've got the same issue with a new E4300, I think the problem is with the Intel 5300 Drivers.  After a seeming random amount of time (could be 5 minutes or 45) any new TCP connections over the wireless adapter fail, ICMP (Ping) and UDP work fine, and existing (Open) TCP sessions are ok as well (remote desktop sessions, SSH sessions, etc)

The card also randomly has issues pulling an IP address (shows connected to the access point)

This is on a freshly installed XP SP3 install, with only the dell network drivers (onboard) and the intel wireless drivers (from dells support site)

This issue happens when connected to a Linksys 54g access point, and a friends Netgear router as well.

After a little google-searching it looks like there is an extensive tread on a lenovo support site about Thinkpads with  the same problem



I've just rebuilt with Vista Enterprise 64bit, we'll see if the drivers are any more stable under Vista 🙂

Anyone got a quick fix for this issue?

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