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Re: Studio 17 Keyboard problem (solved already)

I came upon your post after much frustration.  My Studio 1537 laptop, which is only about 2 months old, was having problems recognizing the keyboard. It was not responding at all and none of the keys were working. However, the touchpad mouse and the Media keys were fine. In addition, when I connected a wireless mouse and USB keyboard, they were working. After exhausting all of my tech. efforts (I checked and changed the easy access settings, uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, restored the system to a point where the keyboard was operating fine, rebooting, etc.)  Nothing worked.  Reluctantly, I decided to try to chat live with a dell tech. online.....the tech. basically tried all of the things I did. He was very patient too! After about almost an hour of watching him control my system, he said he was going to try to restore the system to the earliest date and that he needed to call me back in an hour. I told him I had tried that before dialing him up...but I said okay....he initiated the restore and then he was gone. Well, that did not work and I was about to jump off the ledge when, with a last ditch effort, I found your post. At this point, I was very annoyed, like you, had done everything, and searched everywhere. Huh? Drain the flea power...? Wouldn't you know, I disconnected everything, shutdown the system, unplugged the ac power, and removed the battery for about a minute or so. I then put the battery back in, plugged in the ac power, powered up and, voila, the keyboard was fixed! Amazing. Just to be sure, I shutdown, rebooted, reconnected my wireless mouse and the USB keyboard, disconnected, etc. is still working! It appears to be fixed! I hope it stays that way!

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