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Re: Studio 17 Keyboard problem (solved already)

Hi, I fixed this - pretty much by accident - but couldn't find it mentioned in any online help, so I thought I'd post this in case it helps someone else.

First the symptoms;

I was having keyboard problems; Some keys needed pressing several times and even then were problematical.  The worst culprits were in a circle i-o-l-m-n-h-u, but it spread wider sometimes and sometimes was almost normal.  What REALLY didn't help was that most of my logon password is in that circle Smiley Sad  Oh, and the arrow keys were working on a single press basis, holding them down did nothing.

Now it gets stranger; clicking onto the guest account, randomly typing in notepad, then coming back out and into my own account mostly cleared the problem for a while.  It SEEMED like hardware mainly, but sometimes like software.  I was abroad at the time so I was trying to put up with it until I got home and could call the help desk without needing a mortgage!

Anyway, on the day that I got home, the touchpad completely gave up, completely unresponsive.  I'm getting annoyed by this time - the laptop is only 4 months old.  I checked the website again and found something for the touchpad - drain the "flea power" (whatever that is).  Did that and lo and behold, the keyboard was fixed.  Go figure.

So, if anyone has similar problems, try draining the flea power - power down the laptop, disconnect everything, remove the battery, press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds, then put it all back together and power it up.

I hope that this helps someone.

Thanks for posting this, I had no idea what to try first. After a quick google search I found your post and I am now typing on my keyboard which had previously completely given up!

Thanks again.

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