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To Whom It May Concern,

We too have only had our Dell XPS M1710 laptop for a little over a year and conveniently after the warranty ran out so did our laptop. There is a Hot Topic posted by the chief blogger of the dell support site about previous models of the XPS where it had an NVIDIA GPU ISSUE which was a design flaw that leads to overheating and system failure. We contacted Dell about offering an extended warranty to fix this issue in our XPS and they said noone at Dell could help us. I would definitely not advise buying this laptop nor another Dell product due to lack of support and design flaws. As for this practically brand new supposed gaming computer that we are still paying for that is no more than a pretty paper weight I won't be renewing my warranty and paying shipping, diagnostic, labor, repair, and new parts to fix a problem Dell created. I wish I could take all the business I did with Dell back and will not be doing any business with them again in the future unless they come up with a reasonable way to resolve this issue.

Thank you

Matt Anderson

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