1 Copper

"Beginning dump of physical memory"

My wife called this morning to report in a panic that a blue screen had popped up on the 8400 Dimension PC ... she remembers (something) detected...shutting down, problem could be due to installation of recent software; restart your computer, if unable call (some number).  She was not on-line at the time, we have a dialup service, McAfee protection is current and up-to-date, nothing fancy on this machine and no recent installations.  She says another thing came up "page fault in a non-paged area, technical information... beginning dump of physical memory... physical memory dump complete."  She says it got really interesting, the fan came on at high speed and blew dust all over everything down there.  At this point she just pulled the plug out of the wall to stop it from doing whatever it was doing, because she says she tried to do a shutdown and it would not respond... so she tried the control-alt-delete to get it to do something and nothing would work.

Machine is not responding to anything at the moment (I dug this old computer out of mothballs to get online to join the forum).  When you turn on the main power a whirring noise occurs, it is the fan operating at high speed blowing air out the back.  Monitor does not come on though the power light is on.  Tried putting the installation disk in there to see if it would run it, but nothing. 

Any ideas what has happened here?  Or if there is anything to do about it?  This sounds like some sinister virus, but the protection is current and recent scans have shown no trouble whatsoever.