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Re: "Beginning dump of physical memory"

I too am having the same problem with my Inspiron 6400.  It happens after trying to burn a DVD, which I have not been successful at yet with Sonic program.  I get the blue screen after the DVD is formatted, burned, then when I make compatible it crashes and nothing show up on the DVD-R (data) when I'm done.  Also had a crash when my husband was on the internet ESPN. 

I too turn off the computer and turn back on, but this is starting to concern me since it is happening more often.  I have checked the Driver Resest Tool, but no promblems detected. I have updated the firmware on the CD/DVD drive, I have done lots of research, I have scanned the hard disk for errors, degfragmented, deleted unneccesary files, every thing except updating all the drivers and Bios (which I'm afraid will cause more problems).

I really am avoiding using my warranty because I HATE TAKING TO INDIA!  I dread it.  I guess I'd better set aside a few hours to sit on the phone with them and collect some patience to see if we can work through this.  I have been with Dell and PC's for the last 10+ years and am tired of dealing with these issues, have even considered changing teams (Apple/Mac)!!!

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