1 Copper

Re: "Beginning dump of physical memory"

Solved my problem completely, by replacing a bad memory stick.  The beep codes in the Dell diagnostic manual (you can find yours online) led me to the solution, and instead of replacing the exact memory stick I was able to get more memory and upgrade the whole system at the same time as I fixed it.  But there is a limit to how much memory you can add, you will find the answer to that as you explore the data in your own computer bootup information.  I was excited/thrilled to be able to open up this machine and install a stick and fix this problem for good, and make it work better than before at the same time. 

As I remember this, the online manual tells you how to trouble shoot the system if your machine has two memory sticks so you do not replace the wrong one.  Very helpful.  Not intimidating once you get going on it.  Good luck.