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Inspiron 1100 Memory Upgrade Questions

Hello, I have a 1100 laptop running XP home, Ver 2002, SP3. It came with 2 128mb cards and has been running fine since new. I decided to upgrade the memory to gain a little more speed.I used the Dell scanner and the Crucial scanner to check for possible upgrades. Both said 2 512mb cards would work.

I ordered the recommended 512 cards from Dell. I removed both 128 cards and installed the 512 cards. The system would not boot up. It starts for a second then shuts off.I then changed back to the 128 in slot b and left the 512 in slot a. It loaded no problem and showed 640mb of ram.And it was a lot quicker loading and shutting down.

I then tried other combinations including loading with 1 512 in slot a , nothing in slot b, OK, The other 512 in slot a, nothing in slot b, OK. To me this verified both new cards were OK. I then tried both new cards in slot b, nothing in slot a, NO BOOT. Then a 128 in slot a and 512 in slot b, NO BOOT. This tells me there is some type of grading on the slots where slot a is the primary or whatever.

I have read on other posts and sites wher they say you have to load the latest A32 bios before upgrading memory. I have NOT read where this helped the situation. I did try to load the bios from the Dell site using my service tag to locate downloads for my system. I tried it with  512 in slot a and  128 in slot b and it said I was trying to run the flash update on an unsupported system. Why, I don't have a clue, unless it had to do with having the 512 card in which I doubt. Like I said I have not read anywhere that the bios update fixed this issue. The Dell site states what is fixes and memory upgrades is not listed.

I have searched this forum and half the internet for a solution before I posted here. I know there are some posts on here about this issue but I have not found any answer so far.

Any ideas would be helpful,


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